Central And North Seattle Schools PTA Alliance

The mission of the Central and North Seattle Schools PTA Alliance (CANSSPA) is to advocate for all children to receive adequate and equitable education through a model of network building, resource sharing, and collective advocacy. Learn more from our founding slides and our fundshifting model for 2023-24.

CANSSPA aims to serve and organize school communities in SPS districts 1-5 (most of Seattle north of I-90). We take inspiration from existing organizations like West Seattle Public Schools Equity Fund in district 6 and Southeast Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance (SESSFA) in district 7.

We believe that:

Seattle Public Schools is responsible for funding schools equitably

Many sources of funding and measures of need go in to trying to bring students to a common starting line.

Parents and community members have the right and responsibility to help the district understand their children and school's needs.

Parents are not in a good position to judge which schools "need money more."

Inequity in PTA fundraising tilts the field

Some SPS schools raise $300,000 or more in supplemental funding for supplies, classroom support, and additional full-time teachers.

Other SPS schools have no community-based fundraising whatsoever. If they started at the same point, this funding gap clearly disadvantages them.

Seattle PTA fundraising is deeply intertwined with historical injustice

Schools with large PTA budgets are spread throughout the wealthier, whiter parts of the city.

Schools with small or no PTA budget are concentrated in less white parts of the city, especially those historically impacted by redlining.

Individual school-based fundraising undermines collective advocacy

Every parent wants what's best for their children. But if writing a check is how you get it, why advocate for broader change?

To make sure every child in Seattle can go to "one of the good schools," we must advocate together.

Ready to join us, or just want to learn more? Please reach out to Checks for donations may also be mailed directly to:

4730 University Way
Suite 104 PMB 2808
Seattle, WA 98105

Participating Schools
Adams Elementary
Bailey Gatzert Elementary
James Baldwin Elementary
Leschi Elementary
Licton Springs Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Loyal Heights Elementary
McDonald Elementary
Sacajawea Elementary
Salmon Bay K-8
Stevens Elementary
Viewlands Elementary
Wedgwood Elementary
West Woodland Elementary